Inclusiuon instead of Accommodation – Autism Awareness @ Workplaces

Branding, Media awareness campaign, Product design, Extensive research

Autistic people are often bullied and mocked. Based on not understanding them, they are unconscious target of discrimination, that leads to under-representation and less opportunities. Autistic people are often having low confidence because of such lack of assertion and recognition.
Making generic population educated, and aware on the matter, might help in easier recognition and less misperception. Autism is not a sickness. It needs to be wiped from people’s mind.

Vision of social Inclusion – Imagine reduced unemployment rates for people with ASD. With INCLUE we strive to start a new method of communication between people. We are heading to connect people on the spectrum with everyone, and to make reaching out to their future employers a lot easier.


Project Info

  • Date:09.25.2023
  • Categories:Advertisement, Branding, Product Design
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