Project Info

Social Issue

Autism @ Workplaces

Remains a struggle due to lingering misconceptions, a lack of awareness, and insufficient support systems

Seneca College

Awareness Project

Showcasing student creativity while addressing social issues aiming to educate the community


Team Effort

Complex project for month including research, branding, awareness campaign and presentation

Inclusion instead accomodation

Designing for social change is envisioning the impact on a community by bringing stakeholdeers into the process, working toward sustainable solutions and measuring the difference you/ve made. Sharing results will spread that positive impact across the world.


Brand Identity, Event Design, Mobile App Design, Product Design


The Quote.

Amazing Team

Kudos to Aranza, Karina, Anahita, Yueong, and Andras for their outstanding teamwork and dedication. Your collective creativity and hard work have truly shone through, producing exceptional results .

Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Brand Identity


Brand Identity

Toronto Bike Plan

Brand Identity

Think Event & Web

Brand Identity