About Me


I’m Andras an enthusiastic designer

I freshly graduated from the Seneca College in Toronto. However, I started the school with plenty of experience from my home Country: Hungary. I migrated to Canada with my family (wife and two children) with hopes of better a life.

My talent for drawing and creativity got discovered early in my childhood around kindergarten years but I never got the support to pursue it until I came to Canada. But it never hindered my ambition to work educate myself to become a designer in the hard way. I am still driven constantly inside to evolve and stay on top of the changes of the industry.

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Omnipotential Development

How I became a designer

I have begun slowly with branding, print, and advertisement. Since hte start, I have been involved in countless projects in even more fields like packaging and UX/UI design projects. I continue to pursue my dream to be able to share my ideas and unique creative view with the world. I think design is a collaborative art – not only between client and designer, but I believe that one designer is never enough and a shared point of view can only elevate the level of design.

In 2019 I started a 3 year Graphic Design Course at Seneca College, which I finished in 2022 successfully with High Honours.

User Experience

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